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Writing an App

I can’t remember how got into coding. I remember at college doing ICT which part of the course was on coding or writing an app – I believe it was a game writing in – so yea that’s how got the taste for writing apps.

Which then I taught myself C# – which also is a .net/ Microsoft based language – as it is very similar to in the syntax used. Its written very similarly to so for fun I wrote some apps over the years never nothing more than that really to start with.

Then when getting access to a Mac I got into writing an app in Swift, which as name suggests is very quick and easy todo. I guess I had a head start as the syntax for swift is very similar to C#, so had a basic idea of how to write in swift. Apple have great guides available on how to code in swift on their developer website.

A great an easy way of getting started is to use Swift Playgrounds which is a great app available for iPad and Mac, which has lessons and challenges to get you started.

Which brings us up to today, 2020 happen covid came but us into lockdown. I found myself with some more free time so I started writing an app to control my Phillips Hue Lights from my watch as didn’t like the official one. The provided with the hue app is very basic in what it can do, allowing you just turn lights on and off.

Phillips Hue Apple Watch app

That compared to the app that I’ve been writing which allows to turn lights off individually, see rooms or groups, set scenes and more.

my app
let me know if you want to try it!

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