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    Writing an App

    I can’t remember how got into coding. I remember at college doing ICT which part of the course was on coding or writing an app – I believe it was a game writing in VB.net – so yea that’s how got the taste for writing apps. Which then I taught myself C# – which also is a .net/ Microsoft based language – as it is very similar to VB.net in the syntax used. Its written very similarly to VB.net so for fun I wrote some apps over the years never nothing more than that really to start with. Then when getting access to a Mac I got into writing an…

  • WWDC

    WWDC21 is coming!!

    So Apple have just announced dates for this years Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) WWDC21! This year its back to it usual June dates and again will be an online event like it was last year. Apple did a great job of organising WWDC last year as online only event at the last moment due to covid pandemic. I imagine this year will only be better as last year was still a great event! Looking forward to be able to watch it all online as not being in American always made it hard to be there in person. Am sure the ones able to attend in person miss all the social…